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Daniel Blakeslee

Daniel Blakeslee

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Blakeslee is an experienced public speaker, leader and a leadership coach. He is a Master Financial Coach, a pastor, college professor, husband, and father. He coaches with individuals who want to win with people and win with money. He is a member of, Dave Ramsey* Certified Counselors. He has also completed Dave Ramsey's* Financial Coach Master Series Training.

He lives with his wife, Michele, in Chesapeake, Virginia. He consults with non-profit organizations, churches and businesses to help them accomplish their mission - efficiently and effectively.

He was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. After graduating from high school Blakeslee enlisted in the U.S. Navy where he entered the Submarine Service. He advanced to Chief Petty Officer and served on board three nuclear powered submarines as the Leading Engineering Laboratory Technician and an Engineering Watch Supervisor. Blakeslee was a highly decorated sailor, including four Navy Achievement Medals.

Before the start of Desert Storm, Blakeslee was assigned to the U. S. Navy's Leadership Development Program (NLDP) as an instructor. He taught hundreds of first time managers and mentored them as they transitioned from worker to leader. He later joined the instructor school for the leadership program, where he was consistently singled out by officer and senior enlisted students as a premiere instructor and leader. Blakeslee was awarded the Master Training Specialist for his work in the Leadership Instructor School.

He developed curriculum for the pilot course for the Navy's Total Quality Management (TQM) Program, later called Total Quality Leadership (TQL). Blakeslee designed the curriculum and taught the pilot course before he deployed in support of Operation Desert Shield.

Blakeslee served as the Lead Pastor and Executive Pastor of three churches. He was the Director of Operations for the Baptist Bible Fellowship International and on the faculty and administration of Baptist Bible College and Graduate School. He is currently serving as a Pastor at the Point Harbor Community Church in Chesapeake, Virginia.

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“No better examples that laid out in this text straight from the new testament. I just started my own business, and beginning to build my team and Ive already seen a couple of these leader modes. Thanks Dan!” PHP, Amazon Verified Purchase

Susan Davis

“I was looking for a way to stand out at work and took a chance on this new title. I did not just learn how to effectively guide my taskforce, but in a way that they respect me. Mr. Blakeslee takes age-old principles and shows us how to apply them to our modern life. This is a very practical guide on how to lead. Highly recommended!” Susan Davis, USA

“Having read some of Blakeslee's other books, and being privileged enough to have heard him lecture on this topic, I was eager to buy this book when it came out. I was not disappointed. He has taken age old truth about leadership and broken it down into easy to understand terms, and categorized leadership styles in a memorable fashion. To offer fresh perspective on a subject written about as much as leadership is no small task, but in these pages it has been accomplished. Applying the knowledge gained from this book has been very rewarding both as a Father to two young boys, and in my workplace. I can not express how grateful I am for the influence Daniel Blakeslee has had in my life.” Mitch, Amazon Verified Purchase

“At one point or another, we're all called to lead. Whether your a parent, a church leader, in charge at work, or you have another leadership role this book is a must read! I really enjoyed the fictional story the lessons in this book were centered around - how many times have non-Christians not wanted to hear some great advice because it's knowledge found in the Bible? Dan Blakeslee has written an excellent resource built around solid, biblical teaching on what it takes to be a leader and how to lead well. Each chapter ends with questions to encourage your own growth in your leadership roles. The last part of the book contains the notebook and charts found throughout the book and its' lessons.” Danielle Marie, Amazon Verified Purchase

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